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  • Siemens FDUL221, A5Q00004397

    Siemens FDUL221, A5Q00004397, FDUL221 Line Tester

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    • $791.45
  • Siemens FDUL221, A5Q00022100-R

    Siemens FDUL221, A5Q00022100-R, FDUL221 Line Tester w/o acc.
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    • $888.17
  • Siemens FDUD292-A, A5Q00004990

    Siemens FDUD292-A, A5Q00004990, FDUD292-A adapter cable

    MC link cable from detector exchanger and tester to the in-/output modules, to the linear smoke detector and other devices (audio stereo cable 1.5 m with direct and bent stereo jack 3.5 mm).

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    • $24.69
  • Siemens RE10, 3685190001

    Siemens RE10, 3685190001. Detector tester for linear smoke detectors. For performance check of linear smoke detector. In compliance with the type of detector to be tested, the alarm test filter is inserted in the detector tester. The detector tester is then held in front of the optical parts of the detector
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    • $604.08